Supplementary examination session courses’ fees Dear students

Courses’ fees of the supplementary examination session which starts on 30/8/2014 and lasts until 04/9/2014 in accordance to the board of trustees resolution no. 36 dated 18/8/2014, will be as follows:

1- Course examination fees for the credit hours system and semester system.

- 7.500 S. P. seven thousand five hundred Syrian pounds for the university requirements courses.

10.000 S. P. for other remaining courses.

2- The course’ fees for the credit hours system students who conditionally pass it in the 2013-2104 academic year and wish to make it again in the  supplementary examination session, is 5.000 S. P.

Syrian Private President of the University

Prof. Dr. Abdulrazak Cheikh Issa


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