Dean’s Message

Dear students,

It is my pleasure to welcome you inthe Computer Engineering, Informatics and CommunicationCollegeat Syrian Private University.

I would like first to congratulate you for joiningthis distinguishedinstitution to complete your undergraduate studies in ICT fields.Weput at your disposal, the most relevant curriculum, bestapproaches and modern tools, to provide you with sharpest knowledge,contributing tocompleteyour high-level engineering formation, as well as to enabling youto be leaders in the actual digital age.In fact, ICT plays a fundamentalrole in managing ourcontemporary life aspects,including basic sectors like education, healthcare, environment, and more advanced scopes like modern digital services in telecommunications, banking, insurance and other domains.

Your college plays amajor role in building scientific capabilities. It graduates highly qualified Engineers, capable of leading important ICT projects, professionally in compliance with international standards.

To complete its mission, the College teaches a modern curriculum equivalent in its content to the world's class study programs. The curriculum covers advanced topics and technologies in four main Majors: Software Engineering and Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Communication and Network Engineering, Computer Engineering and Control.

To achieve its objectives, the College deals withcompetent administrative, technicaland teaching staff. The teaching body in the College includes best national experts in their fields of competency. Being graduated from prestigious international universities, most of them havevaluable experience in the academic and scientific research area. Some of our Teaching staffisrecognized by their remarkableachievements inimplementing national large scale scientific projects. The College has also succeeded in attracting sharply skilled and dynamic Engineers, holders of the Master's and Bachelor's, to contribute in teaching practical aspects of courses.

The College has an important number of modern Laboratories, coveringmost important knowledge areasin ICT. These Labs are operated and managed by talentedtechnicians, who workconstantly to ensure Labs’ readiness and help students incompleting their experiments, practical sessions and projects.

Beside its high scientific and engineering level, our college is distinguished, as well as, by itsprofessional services provided to our students. In fact, the college has very strong partnership relations with leading ICT companies and institutions. These relations provide our students with excellent opportunities to achieve their graduation projects within a real successful business environment. As well as,to access advanced training programs, enabling them to occupy good positions in the labor market after graduation.

The Syrian Private University continues to take care of its graduates in the post-graduation phase as well. It has concluded a number of scientific agreements with international universities to exchange students and experts, in orderto elaboratesome common scientific research programs. These agreements open the door, for our graduates, to pursue their higher studies (Master and Ph.D.) within strong and efficient research programs. Beside these programs, our teaching staff put their excellent professional relationships withtheir colleagues in prestigious Europeanuniversities and research institutes, to help our graduates in gettingadmissions in Masters and PhD.

Finally, on behalf of myself and my colleagues in the educational and administrative bodies in the College, I sincerely wish you to have good luck and success in your study with us and distinction in your professional career.

Dean of ICT College

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