Vision et objectifs


The Faculty has the mission of providing the community with computer, informatics and communication engineers of the highest quality able of positively impacting on developing the community and business. The Faculty has also the mission of providing the highest quality education and experience to students in order to make them compete on local and international levels.


The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Informatics aims at providing a suitable scientific environment that keeps pace with ongoing advancements of the field including up-to-date technologies of data handling, processing transferring, and retrieving by means of computer networks and the Internet. Current developments are maintained in the field of digital telecommunications, as well as embedded software control systems. Developing teaching methodologies and aid are also among the Faculty priorities.
The Faculty also pays considerable attention to develop student personality and skills, professional ethics and commitment. Student cultural, scientific and social initiatives are promoted as the Faculty believes such initiatives and skills reflect on students future prospects when going to the labour market.


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