Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University started its scientific and teaching career since 2005 with the opening of the university, in which the faculty took its firstteaching steps. Since then, it has gradually begun to develop labs and provide various educational materials through the continuous development of curricula and educational and training programs adopted by the faculty and the distinguished teaching staff which are comprised of specialized professors graduated from prestigious Arab and international universities in various medical specialties. The faculty has undergone a qualitative leap forward with the implementation of the new rules of procedure since 2005, in which all the requirements of the teaching and medical program have been completed and the educational process has developed, especially in the clinical training phase. The University has provided excellent training opportunities by providing best professors, lecturers in all medical specialties and appropriate training environment in major hospitals, where various medical conditions in different specialties provide a real opportunity to develop students’ basic clinical skills. The faculty also strives to benefit from the concluded agreements between the university and prestigious universities through activating scientific cooperation and cultural exchange with these educational institutions aiming to raise the students’ educational level and provide them with what would support their scientific achievement. We are proud that the graduates of the faculty of medicine have proved their scientific competence through the honorable results they have achieved in the unified national medical exam conducted continuously by the Ministry of Higher Education, the high success percentages in the clinical interviews conducted by the professors of the faculty of medicine at Damascus university and high grades that exceeded 52% they have attained in many clinical interviews. These all confirm the faculty of medicine graduates’ medical and cognitive skills. The faculty graduates’ have also proved their scientific competence through their excellence in the medical specialization stage at home or abroad, and many of them have been admitted to prestigious international medical institutions. The university presidency and the deanship of the faculty have given great importance to scientific research and haverecognized its clear role in building the bases of higher education through training students on the basic knowledge of scientific research, forming research teams in the faculty, building and developing students' abilities to conduct scientific research as an alternative to the traditional graduation dissertation conducted by the senior students at medical faculties.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Marwan shameih


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