Physical Chemistry Laboratory

 Physical chemistry LAB 1

The Area: 60 m2, Equipped with a set of basic tests equipment that covers laboratory practical part of the course



Devices and tools


Setting the balance temperature for strong acid and alkaline

Translation errorCalorimeter thermal, Beecher glass, a scale, a thermometer


Setting the melting temperature of the salt


calorimeter thermal, Beecher glass, a scale, a thermometer.



The effect of temperature on the speed of interaction


Translation errorBeecher glass, a scale, a pipette, a clock, an electric heater


The effect of the focus on the speed of interaction


Beecher glass, scale, absorbent, chronometer



Chemical balance the principle of Le Chatelier


Test tubes, a scale, a pipette, test tube holder.



Ionic balances in heterogeneous unites <multiplying the dissolution>


Burette, Arlnmayr, absorbent, Beecher glass, metal holder, metal tongs.



Fluids dissolution study


Big test tube, a thermometer, Beecher glass, electric heater.



Adsorption of acetic acid on effective coal depending on the temperature


Magnetic mixer with heater, Beecher glass, suppression of glass, a scale, a thermometer, Arlnmayr, filter paper.


Thermodynamic properties for unite Triple component


Arlnmayr, Burette, scale, absorbent, metal holder, Pickup metal.



Attachement Files

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