Dean’s Message

The College of Petroleum Engineering has launched with the opening of the Syrian private university on 16th of October in 2005, in its permanent headquarters in Muthabin, and it is characterized by the infrastructure which was studied carefully in terms of classrooms and modern and specialized laboratories, in addition to the elite group of specialists professors with expertise in the fields of teaching and field.
College aims to prepare specialists in the field of petroleum engineering, through qualifying the students and providing them with a high level of knowledge in their field, accompanying the scientific and technological development to prepare them to engage directly in the labor market.
The College of Petroleum Engineering has been characterized by, among the similar colleges in Syrian universities, the number of graduate students who are pursuing higher studies in Europe’s universities.
The College receives the Syrian and Arab students and the graduates from the faculties of Science (Geology) and Petroleum institute’s, according to head regulators approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in Syria.
The College and administrative cadres aim to achieve a greater excellence and development and it will continue in its duty to provide always the best

Dean of the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering

Dr. Ayman Shakouf 

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