A scientific and training visit of the students of the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering at the Syrian Private University to Ufa University, Russian Federation

The Syrian Private University (SPU) dispatched on Wednesday 14/7/2018 a delegation of twenty students (4th &5th level) of the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering at the University, headed and supervised by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Eng. Edmond Salloum, in the first scientific and training visit abroad lasting two weeks from 4/7/2018 until 18/7/2018.

The visit program agreed upon by the two universities includes visiting specialized modern analytical laboratories at Ufa University. The program includes too field visits to some operating oil wells drilling sites in the neighborhood to live the latest advanced technologies applied in drilling oil and gas wells, well logging, core sampling, samples description and storing.

The SPU Presidency encourages its students to avail this distinctive opportunity to collect maximum benefits to enhance their current academic performance and to use this experience in their future career. The SPU Presidency demands from them also to be excellent representatives for their university and beloved home country Syria.


It hopes too that this visit will open wide horizons for academic and applied research and diversified cooperation between the two universities in the future.

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