The Impact of Some Auxins on the Concentration of Alkaloids in Datura Stramonium (In vitro)


1L.Sawaf, 2S.Zaid and 3Y.Al-Ammouri

Published in

29 December 2014


This study was conducted for studying this plant (Daturastramonium) and procreating it with tissues by biotic techniques, with well-defining of quantity of Alkaloids contained in it and the impact of the combination of Auxin and Cytokinin upon this plant productivity of Alkaloids and studying the impact of nutrient medium combination upon quantitative  production ofTropane Alkaloids in the experimentally propagateddatura plantlets, where quantitative and qualitative determination of Tropane Alkaloids was done by using High-Performance-Liquid-Chromatography (using column C18). The results showed significant differences in average alkaloids concentration inside leaves according to the variation in the added concentration of Auxins and Cytokinin to the nutrient medium, where treatment MS14 was superior, and alkaloids quantity average in leaves amounted to 61.32 mg/ml. Alkaloids production inhibition was recorded in two treatments, MS8 and MS12. In the stalks, treatment MS14 was also superior, the average of alkaloids quantity was 52.727 mg/ml, and alkaloids production inhibition was recorded in two treatments MS8 and MS12 as well. The tissue culturing of DaturaStramoniumis considered as an effective mean in producing Tropane Alkaloids, known for its importance in the global codes of medication, by using the hormonal combination that increases the concentrations of those alkaloids.


D. stramonium, hormonal synthesis, Auxins, Cytokinins, Tissue culture.



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