Isolation of New Saponins from Bellium Bellidioides L. family Asteraceae


Mhd. Isam Hasan Agha

Published in

European Journal Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Research

Issn: 2394-3211, Sjif Impact Factor: 4.897, Icv: 79.57, Www.Ejpmr.Com , 2018, 5(5), Pages: 517-521


Belliumbellidioides is a small herbal plant (9-15 cm). Th e origin of this plant is Corsica. Due to the presence of high concentration of Saponins in this plant, Bellium bell idioideswas the aim of this study. Saponins have special structural features, therefore extraction and isolation of sa ponins poses a serious challenge. However, in general it is difficult to use a single technique for isolation of sapo nins, but using Column chromatography on Sephadex 20 and on Silica gel (0.2-0.063 mm) in addition to HPLC o n RP18 it could be isolated about 20 –30 and 50 mg of Saponins Agha BS2, AghaBS3 and AghaBS4 in a semi  pure form. Using H1NMR and C13NMR Spectrometry in addition to acid hydrolysation and TLC methods it could  be determined that the Aglycone is Polygalic acid and the sugars are Rhamnose and glucose.


Saponins, Saponins, extraction, HPLC, H1-NMR,  C13-NMR.


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