Vision & Objectives


T he Faculty of Pharmacy is committed to provide scientific and academic excellence to students. This is achieved through enhancing students’academic abilities, empowering their scientific and critical thinking skills and instilling highest standards of professional ethics. The Faculty adopts modern teaching and scientific research methodologies within all specializations in order to meet current and future demands of the field. The Faculty facilitates the development of pharmacists committed to serving and ensuring that demands of the community are ethically catered.


  1. To prepare a new generation of pharmacists qualified to work in the profession meeting the demands of the community and industry.
  2. To develop modern pedagogies and teaching approaches, facilitating positive and productive interaction between students and academics allowing space for skills development for scientific thinking and creativity.
  3. To facilitate knowledge transfer between international research andfaculty and students through publication, translation and periodical referencing.
  4. To initiate, support and collaborate with student clubs to enhance personal skills in order to better contribute to social development.
  5. To empower cooperation with various pharmaceutical institutions, whether local, Arab or international.
  6. To contribute to scientific research and knowledge through research conducted by academics or students.
Attachement Files

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