Ferrous complexes with aromatic α-substituted tris(2-pyridylmeFerrous complexes with aromatic α-substituted tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine ligands: effect of the substituents and biomimetic reactivitythyl)amine ligands: effect of the substituents an



Dr. Nasser Thallaj


> Biomimetic oxidations at active sites of iron proteins involve peroxides, especially hydrogen peroxide which is a strong and very convenient reagent since it is inexpensive and  does not release any toxic by-products. In many cases however, mother Nature uses molecular dioxygen to carry out major oxidation reactions in particularly attractive conditions.  The biomimetic interest of iron complexes in the tris(2- pyridylmethyl)amine series TPA is no longer to demonstrate. We prepared various α- substituted TPA-based ligands with  the idea to modulate the electronic properties at the metal centre. We then checked the reactivity of a one example of complexes towards molecular dioxygen.


Biomimetic, tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine, iron(II), Molecular dioxygen activation




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