Dean’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the faculty of pharmacy at the Syrian Private University. The faculty of pharmacy is considered as one of the most important faculties that were the cornerstone in establishing the Syrian Private University, which began admitting students in 2005.

The faculty is committed to providing highly qualified pharmacists to the health sector in Syria through providing an academic program adequate for the bachelor's degree, meets the international standards, serves the local and regional labor market’s requirements and keeps up with the developments in pharmacy sciences.

Since 2011, the faculty of pharmacy has adopted an advanced academic system consisted of a solid and sophisticated study plan that covers all specializations fields of pharmaceutical and clinical sciences, supported by all the facilities available, from laboratories (equipped with the latest technologies) and the classrooms (equipped with latest teaching methods).

Based on the faculty of pharmacy’s belief in the importance of scientific research , it encourages academic researches and students’ research , which are supported by the university presidency through providing necessary infrastructure and research laboratories, high scientifically efficient staff, promoting relations with governmental and international universities in order to deepen and support research and knowledge cooperation, to raise the level of scientific research comprehensively. The faculty of pharmacy also strives to establish and open postgraduate programs at the university, including master and Ph.D. degrees programs in various pharmaceutical disciplines.

As the dean of the faculty and on the behalf of the faculty deanship, I would like to welcome all the site visitors, wish our students all, success and progress and express the faculty’s keen interest to provide them with the necessary up-to-date pharmaceutical information, to enable them to be pioneers in all the fields of pharmaceutical activities.

Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Essam Hassan Agha


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