The Effect of regular on the expression of tryptophan hydroxylas-2 gene within Raphe complex: functional relationship with adrenal hormones and glucose blood levels


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مجلة جامعة البعث المجلد 40 للعام 2018

In this study, RNA interference technology was used to inhibit gene expression of the Proteolipid Protein (PLP) on Oligodendrocytes cell lines from Jimpy mutant mice, an animal model for Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD), which is a X-linked sever leukodystrophy. The preliminary findings demonstrate a significant correction of functional aspects in oligodendrocytes, ie effect of dibutyryladenosine 3 ,5 - cyclic monophosphate (dbcAMP) application on both Myelin Basic Protein and Carbonic Anhydrase II expression. Our results suggest a breakthrough in leukodystrophy therapy especially if coupled with effective delivery system in vivo.

RNA Interference- Myelin sheath- Oligodendrocytes- Proteolipid


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