Prevalence of Cesarean Section at ALTAWLID Hospital during the Syrian Crisis

Hisham Al-Hammami, Mhd Jamil Taleb, Mhd Nezar Alsharif
Journal of Medical Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences (Vol-6_I-12_2017)
Cesarean delivery (CD) rates are becoming a global concern because of their steady increase, lack of awareness about their indications, associated short and long-term risks. In this study, we offer you the rates of cesarean deliveries compared to natural births during the Syrian crisis. This study is a retrospective study in ALTAWLID University Hospital in Damascus, Syria from 2010 until the end of the first half of 2017. Data were analyzed using Spss 23.0. We found 90054 deliveries (natural and caesarean) in all years included in the study. While the number of deliveries in the crisis years was 78,115 divider to (45,649) normal and (32466) CS. The highest rate of CS was at the end of the first half of 2017 with 51%. The rate of Caesarean deliveries has increased globally and in Syria in recent years so it is necessary to raise awareness on this issue to reduce the excessive use of this procedure, which may be dangerous for the mother and newborn.
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H Al-Hammami, MJ Taleb, MN Alsharif - Journal of Medical Pharmaceutical and Allied Sciences …
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