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Based on the interest of the Syrian Private University to take care of its students either before graduation from university or even after graduation from it and considering them as ambassadors of the university wherever they are in the fields of science and work at home or abroad. The idea of establishing a club of the Syrian Private University graduates has been initiated to contribute expanding communication between the graduates and their mother university, as well as communication with their colleagues, who are still studying, to share their scientific and practical experiences and success stories, motivate them to make more effort and make use of time to reach success in their academic achievement, as a sole guarantee in their future careers

SPU Graduates Club Objectives:
1. Build a relationship between the university and its graduates and  link them with their colleagues who are still studying by activating the channels of communication with them continuously.
2. Organize events and activities (cultural, scientific, social, recreational, voluntary) that will contribute linking graduates to their university and linking the university with the society sectors order to serve the club's goals.

3. Extend the name of the university to a maximum range through introducing the SPU graduates to the community, and announce their news and successes they have achieved in their scientific and professional careers

4. Establish a network of cooperation relations with governmental and private institutions and companies, to employ as many graduates as possible and to inform graduates of available jobs through organizing exhibitions of job opportunities within the university on a regular basis.

 5. Provide correct vocational guidance to senior students in all faculties, and familiarize them with the requirements of labor market and the skills and qualifications required to obtain excellent job opportunities, through seminars and conferences and specialized workshops on the subject of vocational guidance. Hence, the graduates meet university students to present the difficulties that graduates may face to avoid them, and provide some basic advice.

6. Develop graduates’ skills in the light of the steady developments of the  labor market to meet its requirements, through organizing professional and specialized training courses at the university or outside it.

 7. Receive graduates’ feedback on the fulfillment of study plans to the requirements of labor market, and benefit from this feedback in developing and study plans and programs to meet these requirements.

8. Assist students willing to pursue their higher studies at home or abroad

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