The role of the outsourcing for teaching in the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization: Model of Higher Institute for Administrative Development


Dr. Taher hassan


The outsourcing of teaching at university colleges is a growing but still limited practice. But, as a result of lack of faculty members, in some colleges or graduate institutes in the public universities, resort to employing this manner to fill this gap. Accordingly, this research has dealt with the importance and areas of outsourcing by using descriptive and analytical approach studying the case of the Higher Institute for Management Development. The analyse show that the growing use of outsourcing often reduces the quality. Among the most important results of the study, the lack of correlation between outsourcing of teaching and the efficiency and effectiveness of the Institute, and the lack of meaningful significant differences between teachers in the efficiency and effectiveness of the Institute to use the method of outsourcing to teach attributable to the variables (workplace experience and scientific rank). While there are differences among teachers due to the variable age.


Outsourcing, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Higher Education

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