Students' Clubs and Activities

In accordance with the university's message expressed in supporting and developing its students' talents and strengthen their sense of belonging to their society, the university strategy depends on activation different students clubs. Such clubs are considered as important scientific, cultural, social, art, and sport radiating centers to:

1.  Detect and develop talents.

2.  Encourage innovation and creativities.

3.  DisplayStudents’ contributions.

4.  Inspire other SPU community members to express their hidden talents.

5.  Prepare environment appropriate for developing students' skills and abilities, exchanging experiences, encouraging and horning distinctive talented students.

6.  Share in different occasions and events locally and abroad for experience acquisition and exchange.

7.  Document talented students' achievements and contributions and establish relative data base.

The SPU seeks to provide diversified and integrated services for its students to ideally exploit their potentials and talents and employ them in a way that offers benefits and joy, strengthens students belonging to SPU, and colorits academic  life.

University trips are of two types:

A- Scientific trips: obligatory trips considered as parts of the scientific activities of a course. The university bears all their expenses.

B- Cultural trips: aims to increase students' knowledge, culture, and broaden their horizons. The university can afford a portion of the expenses of this type of journey.

C- Social recreational trips: aims to enhance the social spirit of the students and entertain them by educational means. The expenses of this type of trip are the responsibility of students. 

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