In vitro Study to Comparison Effect of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Surface Treatment on Shear Bond Strength to Composite Resin


Dr. Hiba Al-Helou

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Al Baath Magazine, 21/10/2018


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different surface treatments on shear bond strength between polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and resin composites materials 
Thirty six cylinders were divided into three main different treatment groups (n = 12/group) as follows: (A) sandblast with 50 μm Al2O3 particles, (B) etching with hydrofluoric acid 10%, (C) no treatment as a control group. Coupling agent was applied. Specimens were veneered using Composite resin and were stored in distilled water at 37° for 24 h. Shear Bond strength SBS was measured in a shear test, Data (MPa) were analyzed using ANOVA, Bonferroni tests to study the significant of various in means among groups. 
A significant effect of surface treatment (p- Value <0.05) on SBS was observed, Etching with hydrofluoric acid 10% and sandblast with 50 μm Al2O3 particles treatment can significantly increase the bond strength of PEEK to composite materials in comparison to the group of no treatment, (p < 0.05). Sandblast with 50 μm Al2O3 particles showed the highest SBS. 
The use of Sandblast to surface treatment of PEEK can be recommended as an effective bonding method. 

Key Words: PEEK -Composite Resin - Surface Treatment- Hydrofluoric acid-Sandblast 


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