Electrical Engineering laboratory

Electrical engineering LAB

Area : 60 m2, which is equipped with a set of basic and essential tests cover the practical part of the course


Experiment name

Required tools


Translation errorValidation Ohm's Law

Translation error1. Energy generator 2. ammeter
3. Voltmeter 4. rheostat 5. fixed resistance
6. wires



Bridge and Watson and measure the value of the unknown resistance


Translation error1-Bridge Watson
2. Galvanometer
3. Resistors
4. connecting wires


Translation errorFind electric motive power and internal resistance of the battery using the graphical method


Translation error1. Dry Cell
  2. Lemaitre
3. Resistors Fund
  4. connecting wires


Measure the length of wire using the method of resistance


Translation error1. Digital Mmeltimitr
2. Roll unknown wire length
3. backstage


Translation errorProving two Kirchhoff laws

Translation error1. Energy Generator
   2. ammeter
3. fixedResistors
4. connecting wires





Electric converter
And rectifiercircuits

Translation error1. electrical transformer
2. volt scale
  3. oscilloscope
4. Resistors
  5. connecting wires
6. AC voltage source variable
7. rectifier circuit


Electrical measurements using the oscilloscope signal


Translation error1. oscilloscope signal
  2. equipped with the ability
3. The source of alternating voltage variable
4. volt scale
  5. box Resistors
  6. wires


Translation errorNote: The second part of the practical, there are  problems and applications .


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