Reduction the filtration and Improvement Carrying capacity of Drilling Mud preparing of the Syrian Clay


Dr. Adnan Albarode

Published in

AL Baath University Journal, 40, 18, 2018


This research  to aimed  for reduction the filtration and Improvement Carrying capacity of the  Drilling Mud preparing of The Syrian Clay and has used  in drill of The gas and oil well in The Syrian Clay.

The Syrian Clay has weak ability for Carrying capacity. filter controlling . Carrying capacity. Weak ability in Cuttings removal. We need to big quantity(120gr/l) of The Syrian Clay  for  preparing  Drilling Mud ,this increase solid content . reduce a rate of penetration (ROP). Increase the drilling time. Increase time execution of well. and Increase the total cost of drill a well. The filtration quantity will is big .cause a damage in the production formation. this require adding material for  controlling in filtration for Improvement Properties of drilling mud , must  reduction Syrian Clay quantity to(50gr/l) and adding The polymers (natural and synthetic) different concentrations , and measuring The Rhological Properties and filtration evaluation Carrying capacity each constriction polymer.

Key Words:

drilling mud ,Clay , filtration, Carrying capacity

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