Departments and Units

 Hospital Departments and Units

1. Emergency Department:

This department is open around the clock and includes emergency the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Laboratory, and well-equipped ambulances. The Department is always attended by specialists in emergency cases and accidents. 

2. Outpatient Clinics department:

With a separate-entrance, the clinics are supervised and operated by doctors of all medical specializations. A centralpharmacy is annexed to them to ensure patients’optimal comfort.

3. Radiology Department:

This Department is also open around the clock. It contains the most modern  radiographicequipment& technique, e.g.  X-ray generator, mammography, panoramic radiography, cephalometric radiography, echogram, CT and MRI.

4. The Central Laboratory:

The Central Laboratory is in turn open around the clock,to perform all necessary medical tests and clinical analyses. It is linked with the best European laboratories.

5. Operation Unit:

It contains eight surgery rooms, equipped with the latest surgical devices and technologies, e.g. international standards quality surgical tables and anesthetic equipment. In order to support the learning process for our students, all surgery rooms are equipped with video conferencing technologies. Hence, students can watch operations live in the Hospital teaching rooms or auditorium. Such technologies have also been facilitating video conferencing not only with international teaching hospitals, but even with conferences for surgical consultancy, support and evaluation. 

6. Surgical Department

This Department provides services in the following specialties:

· Cardiac Surgery.

· General and Laparoscopic Surgery.

·Orthopedic, Prosthetic and Accident Surgery.

·Genito-Urinary Surgery.   

·Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

· Head and Neck Surgery.

·Neural Surgery.

7. Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

8. Pediatrics and Neonatal Department.

9. Ophthalmic and ENT Department.

10. Facio-Maxillary Department.

11. Coronary Care Unit.

12. Physiotherapy Department.

13. Cardiac Catheterization Department.

14. Dermatology.

15. Renal Unit.   

16. Central Pharmacy.

17. Central Library: It contains newest medical books in addition to rich electronic library.

18. Department of Internal Medicine: This Department provides services in the following areas:

· Cardiology.

·Thoracic Medicine.




· Hematology. 

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