Director of Hospital Message


Human health is above all and the safety of the individual is one of the most important components of building a healthy society 

Because this is the vision of the Syrian Private University (SPU), SPU has built and equipped the SPU Hospital to be a high-level scientific medical center in all respects with a capacity of 200 beds. It is equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods and supervised by a medical and advisory staff from the most prestigious international universities and associated with many European and Asian universities. The hospital also includes 8 highly-equipped operating rooms, a radiology department and a department for the central laboratory. It also has an outpatient department and a 24- hour ambulance service. This is in order to achieve the vision of the hospital which can be summarized in the following: 

  • Graduating a generation of doctors capable of leading the health care on the basis of perfection, scientific research and high values 

  • Providing optimal health care services, including complex case treatment as well as making the hospital a distinguished medical and academic training center for medical students. In addition, the SPU mission includes providing health care services by continuing to raise the quality standards and holding the responsibility of identifying the new activities and areas of work through establishing business partnerships for the purpose of reaching: 

  1. To act as official advisors in all jobs related to health care 

  1. To act as a gateway to work and a link to establish cooperation and partnerships between internal and external parties 

  1. To take the necessary initiatives in order to establish training courses and businesses and to ensure the sustainability of financial resources. 

  1. To collaborate with the financial managements of hospitals to put the key performance indicators and develop cost-effectiveness models 

  1. To perform as an international reference in terms of business practices and best strategic plans 

  1. To facilitate the direct involvement of senior management in the establishment and implementation of initiatives aimed at improving quality 

  1. To ffacilitate the development of customer service programs in the health sector 

  1. To develop a risk management program in the health sector 

  1. To develop a performance management program in the health sector. 

To strengthen and expand international accreditation programs across the health sector

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