Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Effects of PDE-5 Inhibitor on Experimental Colitis in Rats


Shaza Anwar Al Laham


px; "> <Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a common and chronic gastrointestinal disorder characterized by intestinal inflammation and mucosal tissue damage. Reactive oxygen species  (ROS) play a pathogenic role in UC. The aim was to examine the treatment effect of sildenafil, a cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, in the experimental rat model of UC. Intrarectal instillation of acetic acid (1ml 5% v/v) was used to induce UC. Sildenafil was used at a dose of 10 mg/kg. Rats received treatment for 5 consecutive days. On day 6, the rats were sacrificed, the colon was removed, then the body weight, colon weight/length ratio, tissue glutathione (GSH) concentration, macroscopic, and histopathological evaluations, were performed.The levels of body weight,and colon weight/length ratio was decreased significantly (𝑃 < 0.05). The glutathione (GSH) concentration was increased significantly (𝑃 < 0.05). The macroscopic and histopathological parameters were decreased, but it didn’t reduce significantly in the Sildenafil treated groups, compared to the acetic acidtreated  group. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Sildenafil in treating the UC are due to its potential to reduce the colon weight/length ratio, increased GSH, and improving the macroscopic, and histological markers..


Ulcerative Colitis,
Acetic Acid,

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