Scientific Research

 Scientific research is an important element of the development of societies and the measure of progress and scientific and academic progress, and an important factor in the development of production for its direct link with development plans.
The promotion of scientific research in the applied and technical fields is one of the objectives of the university by providing the available facilities and facilities to promote the intellectual and scientific originality of the faculty members to carry out important and useful research that has a positive impact on the development of society.
The university seeks to develop scientific research as a tool and a way to think and work for development and development at the university, community and human level. Within this framework, the Presidency of the University planned to be the year 2017 year of scientific research at the Syrian Private University, focusing on the following elements:
- Methods of scientific research.
- Steps of scientific research.
- data analysis.
- Scientific research tools - Dissemination of scientific research.
-  How to prepare a research paper?
- Research presentation skills.
- Research funding.
- Ethics of scientific research.
- Communication and communication skills.
- Publishing rewards.
- Best annual scientific research competition.

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