Future Directions

To improve the quality of scientific research production through:
- Activate the concept of producing university by turning scientific research from consumer research to research for investment.
- Linking scientific research in the university faculties to the problems and needs of the local community, thus enhancing the link between scientific research and community development issues.
- Develop appropriate practical mechanisms for funding research procedures and manage their financial expenditures.
Taking into consideration  the following:
- Quality of scientific research: It means meeting all the agreed requirements of the scientific research process to achieve the quality of production to be achieved in different development sectors.
- The appropriate scientific climate: to create creativity and innovation is to reassure the researcher and provide a decent living without suffering, leading to motivation and perseverance and dedication.
- Funding: The availability of financial research requirements is necessary for the university to carry out its scientific research mission to spend on research projects and employees, and the development of laboratories, equipment and public services prevailing.
- Availability of information and technical services: in order to provide a lot of modern library services, statistics, results, facts, sources, references, documents, experiments and research prior to use.
- Encouragement of publication: through publication awards for research published and documented in scientific journals known well known.
-  Implement the results of scientific research: develop frameworks to benefit from the results of applied scientific research conducted in the university in cooperation with the private sector, and the introduction of patents for new inventions creative.
- Scientific Research Ethics: The University has been interested in the subject of ethics of scientific research in the medical field, and has devoted to studying the research projects nominated for registration in the name of the university, a scientific scientific committee whose main task is to disseminate concepts of principles, values, duties and obligations to the ethics of medical specialties in the medical colleges of the university,
- logical thinking and methodological
- Honesty and distance from false hope
- Equity and objectivity
- Science capacity
- Scientific research eligibility
- Patience
- Scientific modesty
- Occupational safety
- Respect for intellectual property
- Expertise in specialization
-Targeted Cash

- Confidentiality of information
- Not affected by people and ideas
- Others agree to conduct their research
- Accuracy in transmitting the views of others
- The withdrawal of volunteers in the research
- Taking into account the feelings of others
- Development of feedback
- Presenting the results to the beneficiaries of the research and its participants as targetrs
- Non-exploitation of positions
- Commitment to the scientific secretariat
- Conservation of the environment
- Rationalize the use of resources for research
- Appreciation of the participants' efforts
- Respect the laws and regulations of the university

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