Evaluation of P53 in Salivary Glands Tumors among a Syrian Sample


Amirah Alnour
Published in
Journal of Health Science  2018
Objective: to evaluate the expression of P53 in salivary glands tumors among a Syrian sample. Material and methods: aretrospective analysis of gross and light microscopic features 50 salivary glands tumors that were treated and diagnosed at Almoasat hospital, the main hospital in Damascus. Only benign salivary glands tumors were included in this study, mainly pleomorphic adenoma and warthin’s tumor. Results: 158 cases were studied from 2009 to 2016. Pleomotphic adenoma was the most occurring tumor (47.7%), followed by Warthin tumor (30.9%) and mucoepidermoid carcinoma (6.1%). Lesions of in minor salivary glands compromised (11.03%). Only pleomorphic adenoma and warthin’s tumor were included in the practical part of the study. All specimens showed a total negativity for P53 when they were studied under the light microscope. Conclusion: the result of this study agreed with some previously studies in other countries and was not similar to others in other countries. No differences were observed as to the type of the tumor. These results could be related to racial factors.
Salivary glands, lesions, Syria, P53 
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