Growth Dynamics and Somaclonal Variation among Callus Cultures of Golden Henbane (Hyoscyamus aureus)


Shaza Besher, Youssef Al-Ammouri, Mahmoud Sabbouh, Ramzi Murshed


This research carried out in National commosion for biotechnology's laboratories during 2015-2016, in order to determine the response of Golden henbane's callus (H. aureus), and to study its growth dynamics in growth regulators -free media based on the fresh weight of cells mass as an indicator of the callus growth strength, in addition to estimate somaclonal variation among callus cultures which may occured due to difference in medium components compared with mother plant, by application inter simple sequence  repeats (ISSR) technique using 25 primers


Tissue culture, Callus culture, ISSR, Hyoscyamus aureus

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