Contribution Study to the Chemical composition of the Rumex crispus L. Family Polygonaceae, which is wide spread in Euphrates region in Syria, and determination of the Anti-Protozoa activity

Contripution Study To The Chemical Composition Of The Rumex Crispus L. Family Polygonaceae, Wide Spread In Euphrat Region In Syria, And Determination Of The Anti-Protozoa Activity

MHD Isam Hasan Agha

Published in
European Journal for pharmaceutical And Medical Research, 2018,5(9)

Rumex crispus L. Family Polygonaceae is widely spread plant in the Euphrates region in Syria, where is make a big trouble for the farmer and viliger in this region. We cond ucted this study to find out the benefits of this plant, by determination the main phenolic components in the aerial parts and the anti-oxidant and anti leishmania activity. The samples of Rumex crispus were obtained from the Euphrates river by the city of Alraqqa in north east of Syria, dried and the phenolic compounds were extracted with eth anol 80% using soxhlet extraction method. The extracts was concentrated, the main phenolic compounds were detected using chromatographic methods and general reagents for phenols. Total phenolic compounds evaluated using Folin-Ciocalteu method. The Anti-oxidant activity was determined using β-carotene bleaching method. Anti leishmania activity is estimated on isolates from pathogenic leishmania prepared from public health labor atories and Hospital of Dermatology in Damascus, where determined the anti leishmania activity. In this study, found that the main phenolic components present the extracts were flavonoids, anthraquinones in the free and combined state, and high concentration of chlorogenic acid and other organic acids. The percentage of the phenolic compounds was 6.3% and 1.7% (ether extract and ethyl acetate extract). The anti-oxidant activity was 94.5% and 22.1% in both extracts. The anti Leishmania activity was determined in both extracts but the the ethylacetat extr acts showed higher activity against growth of leishmania than the ether extract.

Rumex crispus L., phenolic compounds, anti-oxidant activity, anti-Protozoa activity.


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