Workshop on Communication Skills

The Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University participated in the "Communication Skills" workshop held by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Damascus in cooperation with the Syrian Private University in the new stadium of the College during Sunday and Monday 13-14 / 03/2016.

The participation of the Faculty of Medicine came during a lecture by Dr. Nizar Ibrahim, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University entitled "EBM in communication skills" and "How to Take Sexual History" and an important lecture by Dr. Asem Qabtan entitled "Communication with Patient Family "

In addition to a lecture by Prof. Dr. Youssef Barakat on Written communication skills and for Prof. Dr. Yusuf Latifa about Elements of communication skills

The workshop focused on the skills of communication and ways to use these skills with the patient, whether the skills of communication through hearing or by talking according to the state of disease and what are the components of communication and its constraints and what methods and methods to follow to communicate effectively with the patient.

The workshop was opened on the first day by Dr. Ayad Al-Shatti on the first day. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Nizar Ibrahim and Dr. Maysoun Qodsi. The seminar was attended by a group of doctors from Damascus University and the Syrian Private University.

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