Vision & Mission

 University Vision:

Through its New Vision, The Syrian Private University is making confident and determined strides towards a future marked by offering modern academic and technical specializations. SPU academicians carefully selected these disciplines to cope with the needs of social and economic development, and to meet the needs of the labor market through adopting the most up-to-date curricula and academic programs in order to offer its graduates the keys of success in their professional careers.

University objectives:

§  Adopt modern curricula that cope with scientific advancements, employ highly qualified academic staff, and provide the enabling technical environment

§  Encourage, activate, and provide materially to academic research that contributes to social development

§  Contribute to student development, academically and culturally through instilling a sense of commitment to acquisition of knowledge, research, teamwork, excellence, and scientific innovation

§  Support and encourage distinguished students in the various faculties of SPU by providing them with the best possible education and skills, and assess their competencies in acquiring and employing those skills through instructive evaluation and assessment methods in a manner that enhances their abilities to compete in the labor market

§  Encourage and nurture extracurricular activities among students in the areas of sports, arts, and culture

§  Achieve the highest level of interaction between SPU and society in various sectors of science, technology, management, and the economy

§  Implement Quality Assurance measures concomitant with QA and accreditation standards set by the Ministry of Higher Education through cooperation with international academic partners and experts of repute

§  Create strong academic linkages for exchange programs and knowledge transfer with Syrian, Arab, regional and international academic partners



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