SPU Overview


1.       A distinguished teaching staff including the elite professors in the Syrian Arab Republic from various medical, engineering and administrative specialties. 

2.       The University adopts advanced curricula and plans that are constantly updated to cope with the evolving needs of the labor market. 

3.       A great interest in scientific research in various disciplines giving it a high priority by encouraging students to prepare and publish scientific research in refereed scientific journals under the supervision of distinguished professors and supervisors who have great experience in this field. The university seeks to develop scientific research as a tool of thinking and work that contribute to the development of the university and society as a whole. Within this framework, the university presidency planned that the year of 2017 to be the year of scientific research at the Syrian Private University. 

4.       Adopting modern and advanced teaching methods based on the involvement of students in the educational and research process and avoiding the method of indoctrination. 

5.       Creating a competitive educational environment that encourages students to gain access to science and knowledge by giving large financial rebates to outstanding students, up to 100% for the first student at the end of each semester. 

6.       A focus on the quality of the educational process by providing all the required requirements and follow-up to the continued smooth operation of the teaching in all its functions. 

7.       Sending students to foreign universities to continuously attend conferences and workshops and gain experience, through scientific cooperation agreements signed with these universities, which provide facilities for students to pursue their higher studies. 

8.       Providing training opportunities for students in various disciplines during their studies, which work to enhance the practical aspects for students and integrate them in the labor market to identify the mechanisms used and link the theoretical knowledge with practical applications. 

9.       Working on providing job opportunities for graduates, especially the distinguished ones, through the distinguished relations of the University with various institutions and companies in the Syrian labor market. 

10.   The University is very interested in practical training for students of the Faculty of Medicine. It is contracted with several hospitals in Damascus to provide students with clinical training, which enables them to possess the skills and expertise necessary to practice their profession in the future professionally and efficiently. 

11.   The students of the university are distinguished in the scientific competitions and scientific research competitions, where students in the faculties of medicine, dentistry and computer and informatics engineering achieved the first places in the scientific competitions in which they participated and competed with the students of public and private universities. 

12.   The University gives great importance to specialized scientific initiatives and activities. It organizes annually a large number of conferences, seminars and workshops which attract the most important local and foreign expertise. 

13.   Students of the Faculty of Medicine have got advanced positions in the unified medical examination, where they have obtained the first place among private universities since 2014 until now. 

14.   Organizing scientific visits to students to companies, institutions and laboratories to see the mechanisms of work and to identify the latest technologies used. 

15.   Supporting the practical rehabilitation of students through the organization of training courses in various disciplines on a permanent basis and providing them with certificates of attendance for these courses in cooperation with local and international bodies and institutions. 

16.   The University has an important educational hospital located in the main university center and competes with the most important hospitals in the region. 

17.   The university is interested in the practical training of dental students through the dental clinics distinguished by the latest and most important devices under the supervision of a selection of professors to enable students to obtain the practical experience sufficient to practice the profession in the future skillfully and efficiently. 

18.   The university is unique in teaching petroleum engineering among Syrian private universities. 

19.   Giving attention to various types of cultural, social, artistic and sports activities. Each year, many of these activities are organized to encourage and develop students' talents. 

20.   Providing a distinct level of services, and convenient installment of fees.  

21.   Organizing exhibitions for job opportunities within the university in order to provide students with the opportunity to communicate with companies and institutions directly and to identify the available job opportunities and qualifications. 



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