SPU Library

Library Vision:

Providing a high quality library services in the fields of education and scientific research for graduate and postgraduatestudents and universityteaching staff, with special emphasize on constant work for enriching our resources and electronic services in cooperation with national and international libraries and electronic databases.


- Create a suitable learning environment for the Syrian PrivateUniversitystudents. 

Provide modern references for the university students and teaching staff. 


 - Provide scientific research papers in all fields for the university and teaching staff and researchers.

- Establish up-to-date databases services and e-books.

Update faculties' curricula contents to cope with last modern technological developments. 

Open communication and cooperation channels with national and international libraries.

Link the central university library to other local, Arab, and international rivals to enable cross-universities search possibility, provide technical support and prepare a library guidebook. 

Facilitate scientific research process in the Syrian PrivateUniversity

The central library strives to provide knowledge and information for students and teaching staff. It contains a considerable number of books, references, electronic databases, and electronic journals and books. It is considered as a cornerstone of the SPU due to its rolein the research, teaching and learning processes.
Accordingly, the university has given the library highattention and works steadily to developitthroughproviding it continuously withnew Arabic and English textbooks and references proposed by the academic staff. The library’s internal database search engine has been providing assistance for easy search and retrieval. 

Electronic Library: The Electronic Library is technically an alternate library and contains the following: 

Offer access to global electronic libraries and databases 
provide e-Books for teaching staff and students.

Provide copies of the CDs and DVDs attached to the library’s electronic books.

Offer the teaching staff and students, scientificvideos andfilms.

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