Legal Affairs

The Directorate of Legal Affairs is considered one of the most important directorateat the Syrian Private University due to its critical nature responsibilities, duties and services. The directorateprovides legal services and consulting in due timeand in a manner that concordant to highest quality standards applied in legal profession. 

Main Tasks of the Directorate:

1. Defending the Syrian Private University against all cases brought against it in courts and judicial committees (civil courts, penal tribunal, and administrative court, council of state and demobilization commission).

2. Representing the University by concerned authorities in all litigations, in which the university is a party, and prepare relevant legal submissions.

3.Submittinglegal studies and consultancies in all matters referred to it by the  University presidency, faculties deanships, directorates and divisions.

4.Pursue the university legal, financial and intangible rights by all other governmental, private and/or other parties, or any individual contractors.

5.Regulate legal all relations between the University and its employees concerning  job contracts, resignations,  award compensation and legal personnel administration and management.

6. Reviewand amend University’ laws and regulations if needed.

7. Legal drafting all contracts with any other party and review those result financial obligations on the University or for it, before signing them by any University’s faculty, department or division.

8. Document and keep all laws, resolutions, regulations, references, legal researches related to the directorate tasks issued by relevant authorities.

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