Regulations and penalties


The violation of university laws and regulations requires punishment, in particular
 acts that violate public morality, or harm the reputation of the university or its employees - 
( The wearing of inappropriate clothing and unsuitable for moralities, and academic and social norms- 
( The use of university buildings, facilities, and everything on campus, other than for the purposes for which they were prepared- 

( The destruction of any of the university's movable, immovable property, misuse, or damage to the equipment and materials within the university- 
  Distribution of bulletins, putting advertisements, or collecting donations and signatures within the University and the facilities attached to it prior to the authorization by the university administration and the competent authorities, or the abuse thereof after obtaining the license - 
Organizing associations within the university, joining them, or participating in its activities without prior authorization from the university administration and from the competent authorities.

 To commit any falsification, fraud or identity theft of the others in any matters related to the university and its affairs- 
 Assaulting any of the university’s officers or students - 
Possessing guns - 
Drinking alcohol on campus and university activities - 
 Violating the instructions of the university administration - 


Disciplinary penalties include the following:
(A) Oral warning.
(B) Written warning.
(C) The fine of any equipment or materials destroyed as a result of mishandling or misuse amounts at least the doubleof their financial costs.

(D) The scholarship will be reduced or suspended for a either limited period or fully for students who have received a scholarship from the university, except for scholarships to the Ministry of Higher Education.

(E) The dismissal from university accommodation for a specified period or final dismissal.
(F) The dismissal from the university for a period of two to four semesters, and the summer semester is not a semester for this purpose.
(G) The final dismissal of the University.


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