Graduation & Unified National Exams


A student is considered graduate if he passes all study plan courses credits and his GPA is (2) points or more, and he does not exceed the maximum allowed academic years. The graduate will be granted a graduation certificate and attestation signed by the Dean of the faculty and the University president along with a transcript of records signed by the University President.

Upon graduation, the Cumulative Grade-Point AverageAGPA is calculated bymultiplying the obtained Grade-Point ofevery study plan courseby its credit hours, and divide their sum all by the sum of the study plan credit hours.

Unified National Exam:

The Unified National Exam is an integral part of the internal regulations of all faculties and specializations (medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, architecture- information technology) in all governmental and private universities alike.

Exam passing mark is 50 %  not be calculated in the student's bachelor degree average. Astudent may benefit of only two marks exam help.

Graduates who have passed all study plan courses attend this exam. The higher education council set its time and topics.

This exam is a stipulation to join postgraduate studies provided the obtained mark in it is not less than 60%.

A student may attend this exam if he has completed all study plan courses provided he/she has exceeded the allowed time limit for studying at the university and may benefit from any grantedexceptional exam sessions.

Attachement Files

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