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The Syrian PrivateUniversity adopts the credit hour system as a study and assessment system.  This system is adopted by many international universities and other universities in the region, in addition to some local universities. The communication with other local and international universities is one of the reason that led to this choice, as well as the advantages that this system has. 

The system is based on assigning a number of credit hours to each course in the study plan. A credit hour is definedasa one hour-duration theoretical lecture weekly, or two hours-duration or more practical session weekly; taught throughout one study semester.

In order to have a degree in certain specialization, students must successfully complete a number of credited hours assigned by the study plan of this specialization.

Study System:

The academic year consists of three semesters:

The first semester: A compulsory semester lasts from 16 to 19 weeks, some of which are dedicated to examination nations.

The second semester: A compulsory semester lasts from 16 to 19 weeks, some of which are dedicated to examination nations.

The summer semester: An optional intensive semester lasts 8 weeks.

Maximum Study Duration:  

The study duration for a student registered at the university to get a Bachelor Degree should not exceed:

1.     Nine years at the faculty of medicine (study period in it is 6 years)

2.     Eight years at the faculty of dentistry, pharmacy, and all engineering faculties (study period in these faculties is 5 years)

3.     Seven years in the other faculties (study period in them is 4 years).

Attendance Regulations:

A student must commit to a full-time attendance and attend all courses lectures, and relevant seminars and practical in accordance with the adopted credit hours for every course of the study plan. Students are not allowed to absent more than 15% of the adopted semester credit hours.

If a student absents more than 15% of the adopted semester credit hours he will be disqualified from attending the final examination and his points in that course will be zero and his grade will be (Z) and must re-register it if is a compulsory course. In all events, the zero will be counted in calculating the student's GPA concerning warning and dismissal from specialization.

The faculty council may study the absence cases those exceed 15% considering the excuse formally accepted by the university council and allow the students who have accepted excuses to withdraw from the course and grant him a grade (W) in it, which will not be counted in calculation in the student's GPA.

In case of a medical excuse the student must submit to the dean of the faculty a medical report, issued by the medical party adopted by the university during a period not exceeding two weeks start from the date of the student absence. In other force majeure cases, the student must submit a proof of his compelling excuse within one week starts from the date of the disappearance of the reasons for his absence.

Upon a proposal from the department council and approval of the faculty council, the dean of the faculty announces one week before the start of the examination the names of students who did not achieved the stipulated attendance percent ratio hence deprived from attending the final exam.

Withdrawal from One Course or More:

Students may withdraw from a course registered in the semester, hence they will be granted grade (W). The final deadlines for withdrawal from courses should be stated in the academic calendar issued at the beginning of the academic year or at the beginning of the semesters. A (W) course will not be counted in calculation in the student's GPA. The first days of attendance of every semester are courses drop and add days (stated in the academic calendar). During these days students maychange the courses that they have already chosen under the approval of their academic supervisors, and according to the regulations set by the University Council, which are approved by the Board of Trustees.

Study Freezing:

1.Students maysubmit an application for freezing  their study (withdrawing from all courses that they have registered in) in a semester if they have certain reasons out of their        control provided they should be declared.

2.Accepting the freezing applications is stipulated by submitting thembefore the end of the eighth week of the semester.

3. Faculty council issues freezing resolution, accordingly grade (W) will be granted in all frozen courses.

4.Relevant financial regulations of university council approved by the board of trustees will be applied on frozen courses.

5.The period of freezing study is counted in the allowed maximum study period for to get the Bachelor degree.

Study suspensionand registrationstriking off:

1.Studentswho don'tfulfill all registration requirements, they are considered as in study suspension status.Theymay apply for registration in next semesterbeing subjected to the registration requirements adopted in it. They should pay the assigned registration fees, plus the suspension fees of the previous semester adopted by the university council and approved by the board of trustees.

2.Students registrations will be stroke off in the followingstatus:

a.  If theysuspend their studyfor two consecutive semesters.

b.   If they exceed the maximum study limit approved by the Council of Higher Education.

c.   If the university issued a decisive dismissal resolutionthem for various reasons. (Submittingfalse documents, exceeding the limits of final academic warnings, violations that justify dismissal from the university).

3. Students whose registrations are stroke off due to study suspension may re-register upon approval of the relevant faculty council. Hence, they should pay, acquit their financial balance (if any is present),the registration fees assignedplus the fees of the stopped previous semester adopted by the university council and approved by the board of trustees.

4. Resolutionsof students striking off and resolutionsof re-registration are issued by the university council uponon a proposal from the relevant faculty council.

Withdrawal from the University:

1.Withdrawal from the university is made upon an application submittedto the dean of faculty.

2. Admission of the withdrawal application is stipulated that the students are financially acquittedand the withdrawal application should be submitted before the beginning of the study semester.

3.It is stipulated to accept an application for withdrawal submitted during the study semester, that the student has officially registered, paid the tuition fees for that semester, committed to attendance.The student will not be allowed to claim for refunding any part of the tuition fees. These fees are kept for students, if the student decides to reenroll the university in the same semester taking in consideration attending the required minimum attendance percent.

4. Thedean of faculty passesthe application for withdrawal after approving it , to the vice president of the university for administrative and students' affairs for consideration.

5.Upon accepting the application for withdrawal, the student is considered withdrawn from the university and it is written beside his name in the university records (withdrawal from the university according to the application no….. dated …) and will granted relevant documents.

6.The student mayrecede his application for withdrawal by submitting a new application submitted to faculty deanship provided that it is approved by the dean of the faculty.



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