Visit the Faculty of Business Administration to the Institute of Technology for Finance and Banking Sciences

 The faculty of business administration at the Syrian Private University represented by Dr. Munir Abbas, Head of Human Resources Department and a team from the Syrian Private University from the Department of Admission, Registration and Public Relations visited the institute of technology for financial and banking sciences at the institute's annual meeting on Monday 21/11/2016. The annual meeting was opened by introducing the faculty of business administration at the Syrian Private University and what characterizes it from the rest of the faculties of administration in other private universities, and what the university offers from advantages, discounts and offers for outstanding students and the mechanism of overhaul to move from the Institute to follow up the study at the university, and Dr.  Abbas explained how the College of Management prepares its students and trains them on the skills of the labor market through the specialized workshops on the skills of the labor market ran annually in cooperation with the Institute of Human Resources Management throughout the academic year, provided by certified trainers and managers of companies for free throughout the year. The students of the Institute were invited to attend these workshops in the university theater, to attend these activities and interactive workshops and to connect the graduates and students of the Institute with the faculty of business administration to get acquainted with them closely and prepare them to enter the labor market with the required skills. The meeting was concluded with a great welcome from the administration of the institute represented by the director of the institute, his deputy and the students union, agreeing to coordinate for the several coming meetings in the headquarters of the Syrian Private University.

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