Organizing a scientific trip to Mowasat Hospital

On the basis of one of the most important objectives of the Syrian University to prepare a generation of students qualified and trained scientifically and practically to achieve the slogan of linking the university with the community, the students of the third year in the Faculty of Business Administration visit to the Mawasat charity hospital in the area of ​​Mazza Sheikh Saad under the supervision of Dr. Bassam Alzeh on Tuesday Which was held on 23-12-2013 where all the hospital departments and the technical and medical equipment were inspected, accompanied by the director of public relations at the hospital, who provided us with a long and detailed explanation of all the students who were studying the course: The study was conducted under the supervision of the Dean of the College Dr. Bassil Khoury. The Executive Director of Science was Dr. Bassam Al-Taza, who is studying the course: Department of Hospitals for this chapter in the College. . We hope that this informative trip has achieved all the benefit and pleasure for our students and to be a good gesture and encourage other scientific trips useful in the future

Attachement Files

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