To meet the faculty in the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Informatics with the Rector

The meeting of the members of the faculty of the College of Computer and Informatics Engineering was held with the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Ali Skaf and the President of the University, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa, at the university's temporary headquarters on 25/10/2014.

The Dean thanked the University President and his Vice Dean for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Adel Nofal, for allowing such an important meeting to be held at the beginning of the academic year 2014-2015.

This was followed by a speech by the President of the University, in which he praised the efforts of the members of the teaching staff, which were translated through the students of the Faculty of Computer Engineering and Informatics at the Syrian Private University to the first place among the students of private universities in the national competition for programming and directed to them regarding the necessary steps to develop the educational process And improve the academic level of the college through the use of the agreement with the University of Damascus and prepare a comprehensive plan for the College of Computer and Informatics Engineering, including the activation of scientific activities and the establishment of training courses for students in the field of faculty

This was followed by the presentation of some suggestions and interventions by the Dean of the College and the members of the educational body in order to develop the educational and administrative level at the level of the college and the university where he listened to the President of the University with interest and promised to provide all the required support to the College and stressed the importance of all teachers and students and staff In accordance with their role, with the aim of keeping the Syrian Special University always "leading and in continuous progress

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