Honoring students who participated in the Universities ad campaign in 2014

Presidency of the University invited the students who participated in the advertising campaign of the Syrian Private University in 2014 to a meeting in honor of the presence of the President of the University. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa and his deputy, Dr. Marwan Al-Hajji and Director of Public Relations, Media and Marketing Ms. Nadia Al-Ghazi. He thanked them for their cooperation with their university and their valuable contribution in conveying the positive and distinctive image to society through this campaign, which contributed to the definition of secondary school students and their families to the Syrian Private University and the remarkable development witnessed in all educational, administrative and service aspects. Thanks and appreciation, wishing them "the best of luck and more" of the tender.

The students expressed their gratitude and willingness to "participate in everything that would raise the name of their university and give a true picture of its successes.

Attachement Files

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