Faculty of Medicine holds a scientific symposium on celiac disease

On December 27, 2014, the Faculty of Human Medicine organized a scientific symposium on celiac disease in which lecturers from the Syrian Private University and Damascus University participated.

The first lecture was given by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sheikh Issa, President of the Syrian Private University and Professor of Physiology, in which he gave an explanation of the physiology of digestion and absorption as an introduction to understanding the pathological physiological mechanisms of celiac disease.
The second lecture was about celiac disease in children presented by Dr. Lina Al-Khoury and discussed the celiac disease from its definition to the method of diagnosis and warning and the role of gluten in modern disease.
She also reviewed in her lecture the regulations issued by the international scientific societies on celiac disease in children. At the end of her lecture, the professor presented clinical cases from the children's hospital in Damascus University for special manifestations of celiac disease
Dr. Nizar Ibrahim presented a lecture titled "Recent Developments in Understanding Celiac Disease". He began with an introduction to the need to remove old concepts in the mind of celiac disease and the need to erase them. The most important changes were in understanding the celiac disease and its diagnosis, warning and classification to Masdar weeks ago. Of recent clinical trials, as well as the presentation of regulatory instructions issued by the WGO and the recent Conference on Digestive Diseases 2014 (DDW)

He focused in conclusion on recent trends that began clinical trials in Phase III Trial Phase III
After a short break, the symposium was completed by a lecture by Prof. Dr. Fariz Ahmed on the pathology of celiac disease, which reviewed the most important specifications and differences seen in bowel biopsies in celiac disease. He also reviewed the modern concepts in the diagnosis of celiac disease according to the anatomy of the disease and the last lecture presented by Prof. Dr. Tahani Ali, who spoke about HLA and celiac disease and the most common patterns seen in patients with celiac disease

At the end of the seminar, the Q & A session was held. The last session was held by the Dean of the College with high-level dialogues. The lecturers answered the questions of the audience. The most important points were discussed by the lecturers at the symposium. They should be the most important lessons learned from the lectures.

At the end of the seminar, Nazir Ibrahim The project of establishing the Syrian Working Group to study celiac disease in Syria, which identified among its objectives:

1 - raise the level of interest in celiac disease and understanding of the wide range of medical practitioners.

2 - Conducting field studies and research on celiac disease in Syria and its dissemination

3. Cooperation with non-governmental organizations to assist patients with celiac disease

4 - Publication of scientific and educational journals containing all new about celiac disease for the general public

The proposal received the approval of the audience and considered the following:

(Prof. Nizar Ibrahim, Prof. Lina Khoury, Prof. Dr. Gharib El-Khair, Prof. Dr. Fariz Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Tahany Ali, Prof. Asem Qubtan)

(Dr. Saad Al-Fartousi, Dr. Ali Hamidoush, Dr. Hassan Makhoul)

Are the founding members to follow up on the work to turn the proposal into a reality on the ground under the auspices of the Syrian Private University and its support and cooperation with the relevant medical societies

The Deanship of the Faculty of Medicine decided to set a day each year for celiac disease to be determined by the Council of the Faculty of Medicine later

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