Hepatitis A Symposium sponsored by the Syrian Private University

In response to a call by the Syrian Society for Digestive Diseases to conduct scientific seminars on hepatitis A, the Syrian Medical Association and the Syrian Private University have responded and a symposium was held at the Damascus Doctors' Syndicate and on Thursday 12/3/2015.

The participation of the Faculty of Medicine at the Syrian Private University was distinguished both in the subject presented by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim on the difficult issues in understanding, managing and preventing hepatitis A, or through the heat and intensity of the discussion evidence, which added to the symposium a lot of success.

The scientific material will be secured in full on the site of the Syrian Private University.

The speakers at the symposium are:

Dr. Sawsan Ali Dib

Dr. Hani Al-Lahham

Prof. Nazir Ibrahim

Attachement Files

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