Announcement for summer semester registration and payment

Announcement for  summer semester registration and payment

(to all students following semester system and credit hours system)

For the 2013-2014 summer semester

Registration for the summer semester starts on Sunday 15/6/2014 and lasts until Thursday 19/6/2014.

Students are scientifically, financially and administratively responsible for their registrations unless amended by them during the add and drop days i.e. 21-2-23/6/2014.

Delayed student may register during the add and drop days as a deadline for registering for summer semester.

1. Students following credit hours system may register a number of credits in accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education regulations, while students following semester system may register eight courses at maximum including 4 new ones at maximum.

2. Study starts on 21/6/2104, no student will be allowed to register after 23/6/2014, and whatever is the cause of delay.

3. The summer registration fees for all students (semester system students and credit hours system students) will be calculated according to the credit hour fees of the year of registration and to the number of credits registered.

4. All students interested in registering for the summer semester 2013-2014 have to pay first installment of the fees according to the following:

-     40.000 S. P. for the medical faculties (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy) students.

-     20.000 S. P. for other faculties' students.

 5. Students have to pay the due remained university fees after confirming registration at their faculties before Thursday 24/7/2014.

 6. Incase students have not settled their due remained fees before24/7/2104,they have to pay a delay fine of 5% of the due fees. Collected fines will be deposited at a special fund termed “Students Fund”, managed by the university council in favor of students-related affairs.

7. Students who withdraw from one course or more after the days of add and drop will get a grade (W) in the withdrawn course/courses and will not be reimbursed any of the paid fees. No withdrawal from one course or more will be accepted after the 7th week of the summer semester.

President of the University

Prof. Dr. Abdulrazak Cheikh Issa

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