Signing a scientific and academic cooperation agreement between the Syrian Private University and Damascus Hospital

 The Syrian Private University, represented by the University's president Prof. Dr. Abdulrazak Cheikh Issa, signed on Sunday 22/9/2014 a scientific and academic cooperation agreement with general establishment of Damascus Hospital represented by the general director Dr. Adeeb Mahmood.

The  agreement states that, a group of trainers and consultants, in collaboration with  the teaching staff of the faculty y of medicine at the Syrian Private University, trains the faculty's clinical stage students in all scientifically specialized –equipped training classrooms of the hospital sections and departments, raise the level of students' knowledge, training, exercising, practicing and experience. The hospital is obliged to issue accredited certificates of training at all establishment sections.

Damascus Hospital assignees a general supervisor for students' training affairs.  This general supervisor is considered as a liaison officer between the Syrian Private University and Damascus Hospital and allocates students to, and revolves them around different hospital sections and departments, supervises the entire training process to assure achieving maximum benefits for the students.

Each party may benefit of the other party's scientific and academic potentials and facilities for participating in educational symposia for delivering expertise and consultancy. The university pledges to contribute in training the hospital medical staff and developing their practical skills to cope with the development in education. Their participation in all educational courses is taken for granted to whom, the hospital directorate wishes to attend in.

Duration of the Agreement is one clinical training year started and terminated by a certified letter from the dean of Faculty of Medicine after signing the agreement, whereas it starts from the date of students' attendance at the hospital. In case of the intention of renewal, it must be agreed upon in writing one month before the termination date.

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