Call to the Syrian Private University Students to attend the activity (We are All Together) for the good of the disabled

The Syrian Private University's students participate in the marathon dedicated to the disabled s under the motto (We’re All Together) to be held on Friday 09/10/2015.

Students Interested in participation in this activity are requested to send SMS to the university Facebook page implying full name, academic number, and mobile phone number.

It is noteworthy to mention that the university has already paid for the participation tickets; and the participants will be transported to the activity's venue in Dummar project in the following dates:

08:00, Baghdad St.: Laïque School, main gate. 08:15, Mezzeh, Al JalaaTunnel.

Important remark: Participation tickets are limited. Priority is for who fixed first his participation.

Final dead line for fixing participation is 14:00, Thursday 8/10/2015.

The Presidency of the University


Attachement Files

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