First report on the visit of a student delegation from the Syrian Private University to India:

 First report on the visit of a student delegation from the Syrian Private University to India:

The delegation of the Syrian Private University concluded its fifth day in the Indian territory yesterday, in which, and within the first two days, the delegation managed to see the most important cultural landmarks in the Delhi and Agra regions and then they moved to Chandigarh where the Indian Dental Association, and the 9th International Dental Students' Conference. The delegation was warmly received with all the attention and appreciation to the visit of the students of the Syrian Private University to BRS faculty of Dentistry.

The Syrian Private University had the largest share of participation in this conference, where we provided 8 scientific participations and chaired two scientific sessions of the conference.
The scientific participations were in:
A lecture by Prof. Dr. Mazen Zinati on the diagnosis and treatment of jaw face tumors.
And a lecture by Prof. Dr. Jana Al-Salem on the new in temporary dental pulp amputation.

A presentation of scientific research was presented on the conference auditorium for each of the students:
Esraa Al-Sarraf / Mahmoud Abdel Razzaq / Edouar Al-Memari/ Naya Dayoub / Alaa Jawabra
An electronic presentation was made on the auditorium for the posters of:
Samer Kassem / Leen Nasser / Mohamed Al-Sharif.
It was very remarkable to all attendees that the participation of the Syrian Private University was also the strongest in the scientific content because the results of the documented research and clinical expertise were remarkable.
In the coming days we will be visiting other universities and faculties of dentistry, and we will be with the students of India in their theoretical and practical lessons and in the clinics to share and exchange educational and therapeutic experiences.

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