Football and basketball university’s faculties teams championship

The basketball Syrian Private University’s faculties' teams' championship starts at 20:00, Saturday 28/02/2015 in the playing yard of Al Wahdeh Sport Club.

While, the football Syrian Private University’s faculties teams contest starts at 19:00, Saturday 01/03/2015 in the “Camp Nu” stadium in Al Adawai District.

All registered athletes students are requested to come with their complete sport clothing to the defined venue, half an hour before the match.

The coaches will select distinctive players to join the university team.

In case of absence, a basketball team is deemed loser, and football team is deemed loser by 0-3.

We welcome all students to attend and encourage their teams.

To obtain the matches schedule and players names, click here.

Football  championship regulations:

1- Numbers of the team’s players in the field is six.

2- The top team from each group will qualify.

3- A team is deemed loser by 0-3 in case of absence.

4- In case two teams or more have same points; the team with higher difference between of the scored and received goals will qualify. If they are still equal, then the team with more scored goals will qualify (strongest offence).

5- Any red-card-shown player will be banned the next game.

6- Players are obliged to bring with their university ID cards in every match to check their name.

7- Graduated students have to present their graduation notification.


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