Congratulation to the occasion of Independence day on 17 April 2015

Crowning a long struggle full of sacrificing and heroisms,   the last colonial soldier left on the 17thof April 1946, Syrian territories. Since then, all Syria's sons have continued struggle and sacrifice their souls and blood cheap to preserve Syria free, independent and unified.

To the anniversary of the independence day, we extend the souls of Syria martyrs, who have written the greatest heroisms, appreciations and respect, and promise them to keep the pledge to preserve the heritage of dignity and heroism by following their path to keep the land independent, and its flag hoisting high in its skies.

We extend also congratulation to our people in our dear homeland, asking God to return back this occasion with peace and stability all over our beloved homeland.

All grace to martyrs’ souls, and many good returns to you and our dear homeland in wellbeing.

Syrian Private University Family

Prof. Dr. Abdulrazak Cheikh Issa

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