Important Training course in Damascus Securities Exchange for the faculty of administration management

Dear students registered for attending the training course organized by for the  faculty of administration management, in cooperation with  Damascus Securities Exchange, should be aware of the following details: The training starts daily from 10:00 until 13:00, from Sunday 31/05/2015 until Thursday04/06/2015 in Damascus Securities Exchange premises.

A bus picking up the students during the training course days, leaves the main gate of the martyr Basel Al Assad (Laïque School), Baghdad St., at 09:30 to Damascus Securities Exchange premises.

Dr. Shadi Karraz from the Syrian Private University will supervise the training course.

To guarantee realizing the training course objectives, please adhere to the defined times.

Dean of the faculty of business management

Prof. Dr. Basil Al Khouri

Attachement Files

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