Lecture on the types and methods of cement operations and the factors affecting the quality of these processes

Within the framework of its interest in developing the skills and experiences of its practical students, the College of Petroleum Engineering hosted Prof. Dr. Mohamed Khadour to present a lecture entitled "Types and methods of cement operations and factors affecting the quality of these processes". On Saturday, 13/2/2016 Dr. Mohamed Riad Al-Ghazi, Dean of the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering, Dr.Amargabra and a number of professors and students in the post-graduation.

The lecture shed light on the cement operations of all types: primary, secondary and special, the methods used to implement all these operations and the conditions of application of each of them and the manifestations of the failure of cement operations and how to avoid this failure and deal with it.

It also included factors affecting the success of cement operations and thus obtaining successful cement operations that lead to the acquisition of well-oil or gas wells that are technically good and enable the investment of the well throughout the production period.

The Syrian University thanks Dr. Mohamed Khadour for this valuable lecture and wishes him success and further tender.

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